Leds projectors.

Why continue to spend +?

Light your monuments as it should be, personalize them, put colors, make safe and emphasize certain places of your commune or your company; we guarantee to you a return on investment in less than 18 months!

An example: Projector SP-3001/20 WATTS is equivalent in luminous flow to a halogenous lamp of 500 Watts!

It is situations where the words are exceeded by the acts; we simply propose to you to realize by yourself it.

All the Leds projectors are to standards C.E and are guaranteed 2 years.

All the Leds projectors exist in various colors (white hot, yellow, red, green, blue, orange). Or in RVB with addition of a system DMX.

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Projector QL-LP1-M
 Projector QL-LP2-M
Projector SP-3002
Projector SP-3001

 Projector SP-2005  
   Projector SP-2018  
Projector SP-2013

ECO-NRJ, in addition to a return on investment of fastest, they are also offers of financing adapted to your treasury integrating various possibilities of which leasing with monthly or quarterly payments; Let us find the solution together!

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