Leds tubes.

The economic and ecological solution.

The Leds tube replaces neon advantageously

- No choke.
- No ballast.
- No reflectors.
- No dangerosity.
- No brittleness.                                   

Are present, on the site, only of the tubes Leds professionals whose power and luminosity are in connection with a lighting worthy of this name.

T8 tubes functioning on 220 Volts.

All our Leds are of last generation.

You divide your consumption by 10 to 50.

Our Leds tubes are to the standards ISO 9000 and THIS and are guaranteed 1 year.

Our Leds tubes have one lifespan between 50.000 to 100.000 hours.

No change is to be brought on your installation; you put simply the Leds tube at the place of your neon. More choke and more ballast.

You have 4 dimensions of Leds tubes.

Your Leds tube is unbreakable.

The colors available are: white, white hot, red, green, blue and yellow; Up to 3 colors can be joined together in a tube neon.

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 Neon 33 cm
 Neon 60 cm
 Neon 120 cm
 Neon 150 cm

ECO-NRJ, in addition to a return on investment of fastest, they are also offers of financing adapted to your treasury integrating various possibilities of which leasing with monthly or quarterly payments; Let us find the solution together!

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