We have all of the dreams, we want all deeply to believe that we have a special gift, that some share, we can make a difference, that we can touch the others in a special way, that we can learn how to make world a better place.

We can ensure some or some, today and on a less scale, this opportunity all while offering a financial health to you which will be proportional to your merit.

We are with the research of the best (E) S sales representatives or VRP multicartes wishing to take the step.

We will be demanding and we will ask you to prove to us that you are that or that which we ambitionnons.

No the investment to be made in addition to that of your person. We seek the best, the salesmen in the heart knowing to give life to a presentation and feeling able to supply an engine which turns already and which wants to turn well and a long time.

Our customers are mainly town halls and communities but also of associations, hotels and companies for which: economies, is not a vain mot.

As much to say to you, that in this period of drifts, our products combined with your language and our possibilities of financing find and will find a listening attentive.

An idea, a concept, a presentation are nothing without the people who will make them live; we need you, of us!

Also discover part of our exclusive products on www.eco-nrj.info and ridges to know us your will to join us.

You wish to resell our products on your area; contact us, we will discuss it.

You are or wish to become bearing businesses, contact to us, we will answer your questions.

Jacques DELIGNY.

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