BULB NEON LEDS is division lighting of ORBLEU

Per hour of a great financial crisis, our slogan to light more, consume less forever be as much of topicality.

Public lighting and the street signs are the first station consuming electricity of the communes (47% of the consumption of electricity), that is to say 20% of the total budget energy).

Extremely of this report, a great number of municipalities are directed towards the lamp LEDS lighting which is essential logically as the ecological and economic solution.

Everywhere in the world, of the cities and the villages test and adopt lighting by LEDS.

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The apparent brightness of Leds white of last generation is higher than that of that but incandescent lamps also of the lamps fluocompactes or of certain models of gas-discharge lamps.

Contrary to the incandescent lamps and the gas-discharge lamps, Leds practically do not emit an infra-red.

The replacement of the incandescent lamps by Leds Lamps is of 7 interests:

* Excellent mechanical resistance (shocks, crushing, vibrations)

* Weak with very low electricity consumption (a few tens of milliwatts)
   thanks to a very good output.
* Lifespan much longer than a traditional incandescent lamp or
   even as a fluorescent lamp (50 000 to 100.000 hours compared with 6.000 with
   15.000 hours for the fluorescent ones and to the maximum a thousand of hours for
   incandescent lamps).
* Cut much smaller than the traditional lamps. By assembling several
   Leds, one can carry out lightings such tubes neons or Leds projectors.
* Operation in very low tension (TBT), guarantees safety and of facility of
* Considerable asset as regards safety, compared to the systems
   luminous traditional, their luminous inertia is almost null. They ignite
   and die out in a very short time.
* Leds reach their nominal luminous intensity immediately.

From the many visits on our stand of the living room of the mayors and the communities and in front of your waiting, it was important to answer with a professional quality while making that your return on investment is the best.

To bring the solution to the town halls and communities, associations, with the companies, anxious to realize savings but also to profit from a powerful lighting, was an obviousness.

Rather than to leave in long discourses or to show you not adapted products:

- We move and let us present to you in detail our product range.
- We put our products in situation in such way that the luminous intensity
  corresponds exactly to your waiting.
- We are capable to make make energy studies which will be to you
   financed to a total value of 70%.
- We guarantee our products from 1 to 7 years following the models.
- Certification ISO 9000, RoHS HAVE, EC

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- Leds Bulbs.

- Leds Spots.

- Tubes Leds (neon)

- Leds Projectors.

- Range ECO-NRJ.

(solar studs, flagstones and luminaries Leds)

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